AT&T owns seemingly endless miles of phone lines to provide DSL and dial-up services to millions of customers; it also provides fiber optic internet service with the product AT&T calls U-verse. U-verse provides fast connections with integrated wireless features and a professional-grade firewall. AT&T provides a wide variety of internet options and exceptional security.

AT&T provides a range of services, including mobile phone, internet, digital TV and telephone services in many areas of the U.S. Though AT&T provides mobile phone service in most areas of the Unites States, other services are concentrated in 22 states including California, Texas, Georgia, Wisconsin and Kentucky. The company does not provide numerous dial-up access numbers but its wired internet services are available in much of the Southeast and Midwest.

There are a lot of variables that affect connection speeds (local cable infrastructure, weather and so on), so every area will have varying levels of success reaching and maintaining optimum upload and download speeds. With this in mind, we took into account the volume of customers served and consulted multiple third-party speed tests.

We can say AT&T offers DSL speeds ranging from 768kbps to 6 Mbps for a great monthly price. The service called U-Verse uses fiber optic technology to deliver speeds up to 45 Mbps. When we looked at the speed performance results from third-party testers, they reported AT&T speed rates of roughly 1.7 to 2.1 Mbps, which is about the reported rate for the DSL plans. We do not have test speeds for the fiber optic plans, so we cannot verify if the actual speeds match the reported speeds. If you need high-speed internet for streaming movies, downloading large amounts of data or anything that requires significant bandwidth, we recommend you select AT&T's fiber optic service. If only DSL connections are available, choose one of the fastest plans if you want a step up from dial-up.

AT&T services come with a variety of useful extras such as secure email accounts, Yahoo integration, internet security, hardware for deployment of wireless internet and a strong firewall. Subscriptions come with 11 free email accounts with 2GB of storage. All customers can also take advantage of the entire AT&T national Wi-Fi network, plus the convenience of in-home wireless with included Ethernet and USB ports. AT&T's security software includes antispam, antivirus, antispyware, parental controls and pop-up protection.

For support, you can contact AT&T by telephone and chat. You can find volumes of support information online from startup guides to product news. U-verse, DSL and dial-up all come with 24-hour technical support. You can also visit your local store.

AT&T Summary:

If you can get one of AT&T's speedier broadband or DSL internet plans, or the fiber optic service, you should be able to acquire connection speeds that you need for gaming, streaming movies and watching videos online. As with all internet services, we suggest that you consult with your neighbors who use AT&T to see what average internet speeds are, as well as what kind of experiences they have had with local field technicians so you can make an informed decision.



AT&T offers a wide variety of services, including fast DSL and fiber optic options.

Full services are not available in all areas and dial-up may not be fast enough for moderate internet use.

The Verdict:

If you live in an AT&T service area and have access to AT&T's fiber optic network, it is an excellent option for your high-speed internet needs.